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NSI Machinery Engineering Div. offers comprehensive line of custom blow molding machines for wide range of applications.


NSI Leak Tester checks bottle sizes from 10ml up to 23 liters. Key to a smooth production run is the ability to detect wall thickness, find pinhole leaks, choked necks on extrusion-blown bottles, short-shot necks, or batch counting for top-load testing.


NSI Machineries horizontal trimmers can process a wide range of containers, from pharmaceutical bottles to dairy bottles to industrial containers.

All about NSI Machinery Engineering Division. 


Nordic Sensors Ind., Inc. is a Canadian corporation established in 1996 by Mr. Massimo and Mr. Carlo Di Paola. Initially, NSI was conceived with the purpose of becoming the premier Blow Molding Machines manufacturer in North America. We strongly believe that this goal has been accomplished. NSI manufactures custom blow molding machines, trimmers, , leak detectors and cooling beds. Furthermore, through dedication, research and development, and the desire to provide better products and services to our broad customer base, NSI has become a major manufacturer of Blow Molding Machines and a well established innovation leader in the machinery industry.

We have a highly qualified engineering department, receptive to evaluating any project, regardless of size, and gladly provide any technical support needed.

We're always eager to meet new challenges and specific custom requirements. .

  • High efficiency AC and servo drives
  • Air cooling is engaged only as required
  • Less air consumption saves energy
  • Output speeds of up to 6000 bottles/hr
  • Proven efficiencies and repeatability
  • Compatible with Uniloy tooling
  • Easier upgrade to programming head
  • Easy to maintain
  • Machines require less maintenance than ball spline based machines
  • Servo programming with high repeatability